Before embarking on the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in businesses today, it may be easier to understand what CSR is first.

CSR can be viewed with many definitions and practices and can be described by a company’s voluntary commitment to improving their corporate practices, whether economic, social or environmental, that go beyond legislative requirements.

A business can operate in a sustainable and ethical way by looking at all business operations and impacts either socially, economically or environmentally by implementing CSR-friendly policies and practices in the workplace or industries they function in. On the other hand, a company can be involved in donating money to non-profit organisations, or by contributing their time, services or resources to such organisations.

Corporate Social Responsibility has many benefits and advantages which apply to any business regardless of industry or company size and is greatly beneficial to the company, the non-profit organisations, the environment, communities and employees alike.


The role of Corporate Social Responsibility in business

Most importantly, CSR is about a business’s commitment to any one of the areas mentioned without having the need or security of a return on investment. The struggle often lies in identifying areas that are best suited to your business and in accepting that it is relatively difficult to accurately measure the impact of your involvement. Not to mention that it can often be a difficult process to cultivate in any business and still manage the processes involved.

The great news is that there are ample opportunities and much room for growth in South Africa especially due to the social involvement needed in the country. Areas such as health care, education, social, infrastructure, job creation and the environment require CSR participation and development which will go a long way to serving local communities in an impactful manner. These initiatives are not only driven by the businesses who willingly participate but the businesses who actively empower local entrepreneurs and people to be part of their own communities’ growth and development.


How to get involved

We are seeing more and more companies taking part in community projects and organisations through their business, which has proved to be a valuable tool to helping advance the society in which a business operates. We can all get involved in areas such as education, skills development, safety and the environment, regardless of the industries we are in. Sometimes all it requires is assistance of time and empowering local programs and communities with much-needed support.

Office Executives offer assistance with businesses to create strategies in the industries they operate by designing programs, further assisting with regulations, compliance and aligning your company with industry charters. CSR initiatives are a passion for our business and we can assist you with active involvement and educating you on managing these strategies.