Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

So what is a CSR? Also known as Corporate Social Initiatives is a term used to describe corporate voluntarily initiatives that are aimed at aiding the environment, human rights and community development. Sadly, CRI has created a somewhat negative stigma which is often criticized for being used as a public relations medium for businesses. At Office Executives, we aim to educate and assist businesses with a deeper understanding and open companies to taking part in these initiatives for the right reasons.

We pride ourselves on our involvement with several NPO’s and focused on educating and assisting them in both compliance and sustainability.

Why consider a CSI for your business?

More and more companies are taking part in actively participating in community projects and organisations through their business based on the endless benefits, not only to the community, but for their businesses as well. CSR can be a valuable tool to help in advancing the society in which a business operates especially in the areas such as skills development, education, health care, safety and the environment.

Corporate Social Initiatives can be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate the “heart” of your company, being part of social and economic development, generating new business ideas, aligning your company to industry charters and improving living conditions of communities.

These activities are not aimed at the purpose of increasing your company profiles and have a strong developmental approach to utilising resources to benefit the community and not driven by marketing or sales.

Office Executive’s Approach

We are actively involved in assisting organisations, including NPO’s with both compliance and sustainability. And moreover, we are focused on assisting businesses with setting up and running their own CSR projects.

We can assist your business through the

  • Education and development
  • Regulations
  • Industry-specific requirements for compliance
  • Sustainability and risk
  • The Kings Reports – corporate governance guidelines and standards
  • Benefits to your company

As a company, our values and principles are aimed at active involvement in these initiatives and we believe if more companies are involved, the benefits to our community and economy are endless!


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